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Welcome to the JH Choppers Titan Sidewinder Fix.

If you need a stock replacement part for your Titan, we have them. These are made to order and are available within 10 days from your order time, cost is $160.00. Below is the inner and outer view of the replacement part we sell. We have sold several of these to multiple titan owners, this will replace your stock bracket with the additional materal around the axle and the titan like logo to match your wheel! If you need one, please contact us using the contact page.

Click here to download a PDF for the diamentions of this part


Below is a modified version of this we made.

Note: For this project, the stock license plate frame was mounted to the end of the bracket, thus caused the metal to fatigue and fail. A new billet piece was created to relocate the plate/brake light. It opens up the look of the rim and then locates the plate in a more streamlined location behind the primary.

The stock rear caliper mounting bracket was damaged around the rear axle so a new one was needed. This part is not available from Titan so we engineered a new one with some additional features. Read below to follow the process of creating a custom bracket from the concept to install.

The Stock Bracket: The stock bracket is 0.500 thick with features on both the front and back sides. The old part is removed and detailed measurements are taken and entered into the CAD/CAM System.
Back Side
Remove the old Part
Front Side
Raw Stock Prep: After the critical dimentions and measured and entered into the CAD/CAM system, the raw stock is cut with a band saw and placed into the large jaws of the CNC Milling machine.
Ready to Cut
Raw Stock
Pre Cut Raw Stock
CNC Machining the Back Side: With the raw stock prepped and loaded into the large vise jaws, we can start cutting the back side. Additional holes are cut to align the top side to the fixture used in the next step.
Back Side Complete
Machining the Back
Back Machining Complete
Back CAD Drawing
CNC Machining the Front Side: A simple fixture plate is used to hold the part during the machining process. Holes are drilled and tapped to match the locations of the part holes and the 4 additional holes. After the part is flipped over and secured to the fixture, the front side is then cut.
Front Side Complete
Fixture Plate
Front Side Loaded
Front CAD Drawing
Sand, Polish and Install: The axle location was beefed up to prevent the failure from happening again. We also added a large 'T' to match the the front and rear wheel spokes, then the Titan T logo was placed onto the 'T' for that custom look. The part was sanded and polished to a show room shine. After the install was completed, a test ride was taken.
Front Side Pollished
Back Side Pollished
Test Ride