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Welcome to the JH Choppers Road King Lowering Project.

If your thinking of installing a 21 inch BIG wheel or looking for some suspension performance for your Road King, then you might want to consider a 1 inch lowering kit.

The Parts List: To install the Progressive Fork Lowering Kit you will need to remove your fork tubes from the fork lowers. We decided to add some chrome while changing the lowers and add some performance Lyndall Racing Brake pads in the process. Chrome Hardware, Polished Rotors, Chrome Lowers and Chrome Cow Bells.
New Fork SpringsNew Fork Seals  
Remove the Calipers and Front Wheel: The brake calipers are removed and held back with some wire to keep them out of the way. The front axle is removed and the wheel is taken off.
Brake CalipersBrake Calipers  
Remove the Head Lamps and Nessel: The head lamp and light bar are removed. Then the nessel is taken off for access to the upper fork tube assembly.
Head LampHead LampLight Bar 
Remove the Front Fender: Loosen up the fender bolts and remove the front fender. The fender bolts have locking tabs on them that need to be flattened first.
Fender Bolts   
Remove the Forks: Loosen and remove the top bolt plug on the fork tubes and loosen the fork clamp on the triple tree. Ease out each of the forks and hang them upside-down to drain out all the old oil using a fork holding clamp. We got ours cheap from KBore on eBay.
Lossen Top BoltRemove Fork  
Remove the fork lowers: Remove the 6mm hex nut on the bottom side of the lowers. Place the fork tube in the holding clamp right side up and prepare to remove the upper bolt. The Spring is UNDER A LOAD and this bolt should be removed with CAUTION. Loosen the bolt then use a holding clamp to dampen the pressure from the spring.
Fork Holding ClampRemove Top Bolt  
Install the new Chrome Lowers and Lowering Kit: Install the new Progressive Lower Kit Springs and Spacer per the kit installation instructions. Press in the new fork seals using a seal tool, we made ours out of delron on the lathe. Tighten up the 6mm hex nut and install the new 1 inch lower fork on the bike. You can see the 1 inch difference is the final picture and all that the new chrome!
Install KitInstall KitInstall New SealsTighten up the 6mm bolt
Complete the Install: Repeat for the second fork tube installing the lowering kit. Install the new polished brake rotors and torque to Harley-Davidson Specifications. Install the front fender and make sure you lock the fender bolts down. We made sure the chrome spacers were the same size as before using a digital height gauge before installing the front wheel and axle. Install the new Lyndall Racing Brake Pads and bolt up the brake calipers. Finally, connect up the nessel and head lamps.

The new RoadKing Front end looks awesome and rides great!
Right SideInstall RotorsCheck DimentionsInstall Axle